Friday, January 20, 2006

The coming weeks.

It's been a good first week on the Rwandan Survivors blog and I've had a great response from people who would like their views heard. Naturally I'll look through them all and try my best to put as many on the site as possible.

Next week I'll publish more testimonials, pictures, current news and forums and look at the build up to Holocaust Memorial Day.
The release of SHOOTING DOGS is being closely aligned with work of The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust to help raise awareness of contemporary genocide alongside the commemorations of the Holocaust. Holocaust Memorial Day, which takes place next Friday (27th January) is about both the past and the present. It is about commemorating and continuing to learn from the events of the Holocaust and about relating those lessons to the ever-changing world around us. There will be a number of commemorative events taking place across the country throughout next week including a number of screenings of SHOOTING DOGS. The film will also be showing at the main Memorial event in Cardiff on the 27th. Please visit The Holocaust Memorial Day website for more information on their work and events taking place in your area.

The site is being viewed by people from all over the World so its a great place for you to voice your opinion and start a discussion. We want to hear from you.

This blog is a platform for anyone and everyone to write their views on the subjects raised.

Lets get people talking!

Mount Sabinyo - Rwanda


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Martin said...


Great blog - excellent way to raise the profile of this issue, and the film sounds like it will be good too!

Please have a look at Rwandan Coffee Club which is a site selling coffee to fund the Tasmanian support group for Rwandan genocide survivors, and includes stories of some of those survivors.

best wishes

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous hannah said...

It is good that this issue is being talked about and it should be more.

Please continue to voice peoples views on the subject.


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