Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Diane's Story

Today's post was written by a young Genocide survivor called Diane.
This is the first of many testimonies which have been written by Rwandans specifically for this site. These testimonies are actually collected at The Genocide Memorial Centre in Kigali, which Aegis helped set up.

My name is Diane, I am 21 years old and I am a Genocide survivor. I want people to know that Genocide is really bad because it took away our parents, relatives and friends and left us with lots of scars.

Justice is really good because it punishes those who killed our people. Reconciliation is a good thing too but it's very hard - I just don't think you can easily forgive and reunite with someone who made you be what you are today.

Peace is the best I wish for the country. I wish not to be hurt in the future for what I am. I also wish to have a good life and be in the right position where my parents would be, I wish that no more Genocide happens in Rwanda again.

I would really love the government to punish the killers but mostly those who rejoice about our pain. Another thing I would request of the government is to help those who still have injuries and/or bomb fragments in their bodies getting medical care. I personally undergo serious physical problems due to fragments that I carry in my body everyday.
The victims of Nyanza


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