Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome to the Rwandan Survivors

In the summer of 2004 we went to Kigali to make the film Shooting Dogs which tells the story of what happened at the Ecole Technique Officielle during the Rwandan genocide. It was an extraordinary experience for all of us. For five months we shared rich experiences and made lifelong friendships with our Rwandan friends who made the film with us. We all learnt much about Rwanda - its history and its struggle to move beyond its recent tragic past.

We hope that the film will spark debate and this site is an opportunity to join in and contribute. We really want to hear from as many voices as possible: to tell us what you think and to open up the discussion so that all of us can share our stories.

We have two blog sites running. This blog will feature testimonials from the survivors of the genocide courtesy of Aegis and Surf. Our other site (Shooting Dogs) will take a closer look at the film itself and how we made it. There you will find diary entries from the production crew, as well as trailers, photos and much more.

These blogs will function as interactive forums for people, survivors in particular, to post their views. This is a platform that will offer a voice to the survivors that take part. We will have input from survivors still residing in Rwanda, some of which made up the film's cast and crew, from journalists that were present in Rwanda at the time of the genocide, as well as testimonies and comments from survivors living in the UK.

We hope that the film itself, partnered by the blog sites, will function to keep the Rwandan genocide, and indeed, other genocides/crimes against humanity, in the public consciousness.

-David Belton (Producer)


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