Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dancilla Nyirabazungu

An account of massacre & survival

Before the genocide, Hutus favoured Hutus. Teachers, politicians and soldiers were Hutu. Tutsi kids didn’t pass the national exam. And people's race was written in their ID documents.

After Habyarimana’s aeroplane was shot down they started burning houses and taking people’s cows. Everyone gathered in the church. I was there with my entire family. On 15 April, the attackers came with guns, clubs with nails in them, grenades and axes. They broke down the walls, threw grenades into the church and shot at everyone. The Interahamwe were ready with their machetes. I hid, and kept hiding until God rescued me. On 14 May the RPF captured Bugesera. They told everyone that they were equal; that they had to be Rwandans, not Hutus, Twa or Tutsi. They had to rebuild Rwanda.

I still have my children – the ones who ran and hid with me, and I gave birth to the one I was carrying when the genocide happened. But I lost 18 members of my family. I clean, I garden, I separate the clothes from the bones left on the church floor. This place is important not only to me, but to all Rwandans – and the world as a whole. There are people who deny all this and if they came and saw the bones and corpses, they would have to believe it. If we don't maintain the place, the genocide might be forgotten.

-Dancilla Nyirabazungu


At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before The genocite Tutsi did not pass exams, were not teachers or solders,..That is nor true, The truth about Rwandan and the genocide will be soon be know by the public of the rest of the world. Rwandans knows they truth.
' The truth pass through the fire and can not burnt' This is a Rwandan Say'. Munyeshyaka ' Gisenyi - Rwanda

At 4:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Munyeshyaka, maybe you can just tell us a little bit about what you call 'truth' because we're here to build a community of tolerence and this one cannot exist without truth.
By the way what does make you say that these stories are not true?


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