Thursday, February 09, 2006

Genocide Pair freed

(from BBC News on-line)

A UN-backed tribunal has confirmed the acquittal of two senior Rwandan officials charged with genocide.

The two men were found not guilty two years ago due to lack of evidence but prosecutors appealed the verdict, saying the court had made errors.

Ex-transport minister Andre Ntagerura and ex-governor of Cyangugu province Emmanuel Bagambiki were accused of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Mr Ntagerura is the first former minister to be acquitted by the court.

Awaiting trial Italian judge Fausto Pocar of the International Criminal Tribunal (ICTR) for Rwanda rejected the prosecution's call for a new trial.

In February 2004 the court found that the prosecution had failed to prove that the two men had actively participated in the genocide in Cyangugu, in the south-west.

More than 800,000 people, mostly minority Tutsis, were killed in a 100-day wave of ethnic violence that swept through Rwanda in 1994.

The Tanzania-based ICTR has convicted more than 20 people and acquitted three since it was established in 1994. More cases are awaiting trial.

-Full story here
-BBC Africa


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