Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Historian Jailed for Denying Holocaust

-Taken from the Metro Newspaper 21st February 2006

Written by Sarah Getty

A British Historian was jailed yesterday for three years for denying the Holocaust took place.

David Irving, 67, admitted the charge which stemmed from speeches he’d made 17 years ago in Australia, where it is a crime to deny that six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis.

In a last ditch bid to avoid jail, he told a Vienna court he was wrong to claim there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz, adding; ‘In no way did I deny the killing of millions by the Nazis.’

But Michael Klakl, prosecuting, said ‘He is everything other than a historian. He is a dangerous falsifier of history.
In his version, there were no gas chambers, no genocide prepared and executed by the state.’

Irving looked stunned by the sentence. As he left court, he said; ‘I’m shocked and I’m going to appeal.’

Britain’s Holocaust Education Trust welcomed the conviction. Chairman Lord Janner said; ‘It sends a clear message that we must not tolerate the denial of the mass murders of the Holocaust.’

Irving has been accused of spreading anti-Semitism with his right-wing views.

He has insisted that Austrian born Adolf Hitler knew nothing about the systematic slaughter of 6million Jews and that large-scale gas chambers were a hoax.

He also claimed that there was ‘not one shred of evidence’ that the Nazis carried out their ‘Final Solution’ on such a scale that the number of Jews killed was far lower than generally accepted.

Irving was arrested in September on a warrant dating back to 1989.


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